Used for installing underfloor heating between joisted floors, these triple grooved aluminium spreader plates allow for tighter pipe spacing to produce greater heat output, ideal for higher heat loss areas. 


Designed to be used between wooden joists, the aluminium plate sits between the joists and stapled to the underside of the floor deck, alternativly joists can be counter battened and the plate fixed to the battens. The pipework is housed in the plate channel. Channels are set 120mm apart and allow for 15 or 16mm underfloor heating  pipe. The plate then spreads the heat from the underfloor heating pipe upwards to the floor above.


Floor boards sit directly on the spreader plate, the underside of the flooring must be in direct contact with the spreader plate.

  • 1000mm long
  • 390mm wide
  • 1mm thick
  • Depth of groove 18mm
  • Grooves 12omm apart
  • Coverage: 2.5 Plates / 1.0m²
  • Fixed to wood joists at 400mm centres
  • Pipe held in place in grooves at 120mm centres
  • Ensures an even spread of heat across the total floor area
  • Ideal for higher heat loss areas
  • Perfect for floating floor installations using a ground/air source heat pump

Triple Groove Aluminum Spreader Plate


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